Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look Out Weight Room!

The beginning of this summer I worked on adjusting my eating, dealing with my heart issues that led to my food addiction and moving more. In July I began working out with more intensity and focus. Now, in mid-August, I am ready for the next phase... getting back into the weight training I love so much.
When I met with my trainer this morning, it was great to do the strength tests he ran me through and he was pleasantly surprised with my 65 stomach crunches in one minute. So was I! I am EXCITED to see my strength build and praying the muscles will help hold up the skin that is starting to sag a bit due to my over 75lb weight loss in the past six months after my surgery.
As we discussed my goals, we agreed that it wasn't going to be about the number I want to reach, but about the strength I want to achieve. We agreed on a percentage of body fat loss and percentage of strength increase as my goals. I am quite happy with that.
I also explained to him that I have wanted to complete and Ironman race. But, I don't want it to just be something I train for and then burnout. I want it to be a great extension of the fitness I already have established.
This year I had the blessing of volunteering for Ironman Boulder, CO., watching a dear friend finish, and meeting the woman who won this years race for the women's division. Danielle Kehoe was very kind as I shared my dream and my story with her. She took this picture with me and wrote an encouraging note on the Ironman Boulder poster I asked her to sign.
Tomorrow I begin my regular workouts again. I can't wait to see the results!