Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water and Its Effect on Me

I have so many words "floating" around in my head today, anticipating the race on Saturday. I decided to take a "less is more" approach.

I have always loved the water. Years of visits to the beach, splashing on the shore and body surfing where I grew up in California, hours spent by the lakes, in them or on them (when friends share their boats with us), long soaks in the tub and drinking lots of it culminate into this:


The sight of you blesses me
The refreshment of your presence
The sound of your motion
The power of your mass.

Walking beside you,
Listening to you speak,
Waves crashing,
Brooks bubbling,
Swells lapping the shore.

You pour over me when I am in you
You move me
Your depth is hard for me to consider
I don’t know what lies beneath
But I am drawn to you

Unnerved by your effect on me
I push past my fears
My questions

I press in
Move through
My strength is no match for yours

The One who created you
Made me
Gave me something you will never have

A mind
Set on purpose and destiny
Fixed on a goal
Faith to the finish

You will be what you were created to be

I will be what I was created to be

At the end of this race
You remain the same
But I am forever changed.

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  1. That's amazing!!! What talent you have!!