Monday, January 24, 2011

More Adjustments

Since I have had houseguests/family in my home for over a month I find myself needing a few days to readjust my life back to some sort of "normal".

No, I really have no clue what that looks like, but generally it means:

Decluttering my fridge of junk
Decluttering my counters
Cleaning out my kitchen of all things unnecessary - yes - I will be throwing food away or donating it!!
Cleaning out and organizing bedrooms, bathroom, and miscellaneous other spaces that have collected "stuff" not crucial to daily life.

I had planned that today would be my first day "back" on track for training but it just isn't going to work. When I planned today to be THAT day I had no idea my parents would stay on for an extra week (too ill to travel home) recovering from pneumonia and bronchitis. We had a very special time together but this threw all of our schedules for a loop and adjustments had to be made.

Keeping it all in balance means taking the time to attend to the space where my family dwells, bringing order and peace to random piles and activities and THEN I will hit the gym. Likely, next week. ;)


  1. That's awesome! Are you going to take any classes? If so, when? I'm trying to "nail" down a schedule for myself, also...

  2. Love your definition of "in balance" and its relation to "space".