Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Care...setting goals...

There are many ways I need to be taking care of myself.

For years I have focused on taking care of the inside (the "unseen") me. My heart, my spirit, and my mind have had major overhauls in the last fifteen years or so. I have done this by choosing to spend time in God's Word, praying, receiving wise counsel from those who love Him and me, and spending lots of time worshiping God. By worshiping I mean listening to Christian music 95% of the time, cultivating an attitude of gratitude to God for all He has provided for me, and really savoring the blessings of the people He put in my life.

I have had tunnel vision - often so spiritually minded I'm no earthly good.

On our recent cruise to Mexico and back, I found myself discovering my neglect of the other facets of me. Yes, these past many months I have pursued physical health and wellness and that is definitely dealing with the outside (the "seen") me. But, since I have been doing that, I have found there is more than just working out and eating right that need to be done differently. I need to dress better, shower more, pursue action instead of neglect, play more, laugh harder and streamline my space.

This whole experience is definitely a significant process.

I once had the goal of completing a triathlon before I turned forty. I did it. I wonder what my next goal should be. There are 114 days until my 40th birthday. Hmmmm.....

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