Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D words

Discouragement, Delight, Despair, Dynamite, Delicious, Depressed, Disgusted, Distracted, Dynamic, Delivered, Denial, the list could keep going... but I will stop there.

I am struggling. I am not going to lie.

I also find myself pushing back at the negative D words with the positive ones. Will this past week go Down in our family history as the week we spent together Delightfully tucked into our comfy warm home recovering from the flu bug of the moment, or will it become another marker on my long line of Depressed events where I leaned on food instead of God?

I won't know until I reach the end of this week, but for today, I will pick Dynamic for my word, rolling with the challenges, accomplishing the necessary and the neglected tasks, Drinking my water, and loving on the ones who need me.


  1. So.... I've been roof raking with the dig out of the blizzard. No "D" word for that. Contemplated snow angels but the aftermath of that snowy overblast just wasn't good for that...too cold, and could barely stand up in over knee high fluff. Just can't find the D words. Are you working yourself up or down the alphabet?

  2. I wasn't planning on doing the alphabet... considering it now though... actually going to post on "God in the Yard" soon, just editing my first entry. Blessings Gretchen, may you see the beauty in the snow and not so much of the work! :)