Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What does trying look like?


The more I reflect on the word the more definitions I can think of.
I am trying to eat better.
I am trying to get to the gym.
The lake on the bathroom floor is trying my patience.
I am trying to do my homework (but not doing actually anything).
I am tired of trying.
Its trying to snow.
I'm trying on bathing suits (not a blast).
I'm trying on new shoes (more fun).
I'm trying to focus on my upcoming vacation but all I can think of is laundry...

Lots of opportunities for trying... but am I DOING anything?

Most days.

I think trying looks different depending on the day.

Today I tried to get to the gym but on the way my older son splashed (what he described as a "little" bit of water on his brother". Sitting in the parking lot of the gym, unbuckling the kids and noticing the "little" bit of water meant, I saturated him to the skin... so, back home to dry clothes and mom's not going back out!

Trying to eat better means dumping the junk food in the garbage instead of eating it (so it will be gone). Many holiday goodies have gone the way of the trash can these last couple of days, but I must admit, the best fudge I ever made, the peanut butter bars and the dark chocolate mints, those got eaten... all gone!

Trying on bathing suits, I opted out of. When we go to Mexico in 5 days and 18 hours, I will only bring one suit I already have but it looks much better on me than it did this past summer...

Trying on shoes, now that was cool. I found lovely short heeled strappy ones on clearance for 14.99 plus an extra 20% off... THAT is wonderful!

I had better wrap up this fun, because the next thing I will be doing - trying to find childcare for MOPS this week... not an easy thing to do!

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