Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Digging Deeper...

Today I spoke with my Health Coach Michelle (a service through my health insurance company). Once a week we discuss what I have been doing to reach my goals of healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

This week the conversation was a little hard to take. She and I have been talking weekly for seven months. She has been a consistent voice of encouragement, wisdom and challenge. But today was different.

Today she told me she thought I was settling for less than the best. I need to dig deeper to accomplish the results I really want. She said she felt I wasn't reaching my weight loss goals, not because I didn't have the right tools, but because I am not working hard enough consistently with them.

She is right.

I knew it when the tears popped from my eyes and my heart heard the truth in her words. She likened it to a person who didn't want to get hurt again in a relationship. I cried some more, not deep sobs of agony, just tears of a well aimed wisdom-arrow hitting the target of truth.

So, today, not a week from now, not tomorrow, I am digging deeper. Every rationalization for eating the things that don't bless my body has to go... every consideration of how far I've come and how "proud" I should be of myself for the changes I already have made, that is not enough.

I have to get more uncomfortable. Dig deeper within the resources God gave me to press in for the tangible evidence of all the hard work - weight loss. I have a healthy, slim, fit woman locked inside this body and she wants OUT! It is time to do what it takes to release her.

I know what it looks like to Dig Deep. I have experienced it before. I know I can do it. It is very uncomfortable in the transition, but worth the effort.

Her synopsis of our conversation (she emails me after our talks) included the following sentence, "You are so disciplined, full of heart and you are ready for the next level."

She is right! 

I will keep you posted on my progress. After all, this is what "Prism Progress" is all about! NOT Prism Maintenance or Prism Status Quo or Prism Retreat!!


  1. You go girl. I'm so glad that you have someone you meet with consistently who loves you enough to speak truth, and that you are brave enough to receive it without hiding behind offense. That is hard to do! And she is absolutely right, you ARE full of heart and you are totally ready for the next level. Proud of you!

  2. I can't imagine how tough that session was today, you are working so hard at reaching your goals. I know that I find myself busy congratulating myself at reaching new goals when there is more work to do.

    I pray God gives you the strength to dig deeper.

  3. Thanks for your comments. She and I talk by phone once a week. I have never actually seen her face other than in a picture.

    I never thought of myself as brave Kira, that is an interesting thought. Thanks! :)

    It was hard Stephen. But it was good. Very good. Thanks for the prayers!