Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got Water??

Yeah, tomorrow's the big day. I have to swim in the lake. The big lake that is cold, wet, has stuff in it, has fish in it, has... oh I don't want tooooo!

It makes me cold just thinking about it and no, I do NOT have a wetsuit.

But, in order to do the triathlon I am signed up for I have to be able to swim in a lake.

Just like every other time I have had to jump out of my sofa surfing, cookie baking, french fry eating, fried chicken loving comfort zone, it is time to just step into what God has called me to do.

I will let you know tomorrow evening how it went.

Today's bike ride wasn't my favorite. I continue to feel tired and today's headwind (weather man said 15-20mph today) didn't really help. I did it. I about had a panic attack before I began. May I remind you from a past blog, that before any/every major athletic event in my life I have been injured in one way or another. I am 10 days from race day and every time I do ANY training the anxiety builds. I had to pray through it again today. My friend Leslie prayed for me and my mother-in-law sweetly reminded me that God was going to be with me all the way. He was. And let me tell you how I know...

My favorite part of the ride today was the clouds. They were big and puffy, flat on the bottom and cotton-like on the top with a pure white shimmer against the brilliant blue sky. When I would start to feel the tiredness in my head, my heart, or my legs, I would look to the sky at the amazing display God laid out for my enjoyment. I don't mind if you shared it a bit, but I knew He did it for me, just to keep me going and remind me that He sees all my hard work, even when I am not feeling enthusiastic. I love that He loves me. I love that He knows I can do this. He knows I am scared. He told me the time is now for this big dream/event to happen.

So, I will swim, bike and run, every training day and on race day with all I've got!

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  1. Love your new backround splash. Yes... we can have an affinity for those comfort zones. Sometimes hard to shake.