Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiring People that Inspire Me? Is that even possible?

I wrote a note today to a woman who I have referred to many times. Her book The Female Body Breakthrough was the first fitness book I ever read that made me believe I could really become, to use her words a "Fit Female". Her Credo is taped to my kitchen cabinet, so I can read it when I empty the dishwasher. Or when I need a reminder of how to BE a Fit Female.

Rachel Cosgrove really made me believe I could become the athlete I always wanted to be and believe I was designed to be. She posted something on her blog tonight that really got my attention. SHE has been through some personal physical struggles. Yes, I did know she was human, and yes, she is consistently transparent in her writing and her speaking, but the way this blog was written, it stirred something in me.

We all LIVE. Our lives are hard, easy, challenging, sad, crazy, fast, slow, boring, routine, exciting, and any number of things. But we all LIVE, no matter how famous we are.

It is how we CHOOSE to LIVE that makes us inspiring or not, I think.

I didn't set out to write this blog so I could inspire anyone. I wrote it because, one of the points in the Fit Female Credo is to journal. I have written in a journal most of my life, but this time, I knew it had to be different, I needed to be more public to really make me honestly look at all the pieces of the puzzle of me.

So, I wrote her what I hope will be an encouraging note. It felt odd, encouraging someone who is a best selling author, an internationally known fitness expert and coach to many other fitness experts, but I did it.

I pray it is a blessing. She has blessed me and I am so thankful for her.

There are many of you who say I inspire you. It continues to be quite humbling, because several of you are actually athletes yourselves. Some of you know it, many of you will find your inner athlete, and some of you reading this now, will wonder, can I be a fit female too?

The answer -- YES!!

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