Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all in my head!

As I look at the calendar tonight I see that my triathlon dream is just 4 days away.

I am tired of training. I am really READY to do this!

My biggest concern now is the run. I know it is one foot in front of the other... not challenging usually, except that is where my head gets really messy.

What floats around in your brain while you are doing seemingly endless cardio is crazy.

As Tony and I were running (well, I was running, he was walking - he's a good 12 inches taller than me!) after our 10mi bike ride on Monday, I was telling him how the muscles in the lower half of my body seemed to be pretty angry. It was like they were screaming - ENOUGH ALREADY!! Then,  I got into a rhythm and they shut up for the most part.

So much of this kind of sport is just keeping your head in the game, KNOWING you can do it.

Telling your physical self to quit whining while keeping your mental self locked and loaded and focused on the target.

Now as I contemplate the things I need to do before the race I am a little overwhelmed. I want to dump sugar and flour out of my diet for the next few days and I really don't know if it will be worth  the stress of doing things different as far as improving for race day. Now that I mention it, I would like to dump 50lbs before race day too... hmmmm... :)

Better get to bed... last big bike ride tomorrow before race day, if I can find someone to watch the kids! :)

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  1. Sometimes it is dog gone hard to quit whinning... the "all in your head" thing "to stay in the game" must be working. Keep up the good work!

    .... really dumping the flour and sugar? Go for it girl!