Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weight and Fitness goals for the next year... 1st Draft

Within the next year I will be the athlete I have always wanted to be and felt I was created to be. I will weigh a healthy and strong weight for my body and be able to maintain a fit and quality balanced life in every area.

Spiritually I will be deeper in my relationship with Christ and more submitted to His work within and through me, less concerned about what others think and more focused on obeying His voice and heart for me.

Emotionally, I will not be run by the fluctuations of life and it’s challenges. I will be free to experience joy, anger, laughter, grief, and all the emotions in between without feeling like they are “running me”. The core of my peace in the Lord will hold me steady as I walk through challenges in relationships, physical issues, and the “curveballs” of life.

Mentally, I will be learning like never before. I will be pushing past the TV habit and embrace filling my head with edifying and interesting information designed to “build” my mental muscles. I will read a book a month (balanced between spiritual growth, parenting, leadership development, and entertainment).

Physically, I will be competing in Olympic distance triathlons (My incredible husband has said he would do a triathlon with me next year too!) and strengthening my body with actual weights and not afraid of being in the weight room with the sweaty muscle men that lurk there. I will learn how to use the ‘foam roll’ stretching technique and fear no spinning class. I will never take for granted my ability to do anything athletic and be grateful I have a body that I can move!

When my husband and I renew our vows on October 12, 2011 for our 20th wedding anniversary I will wear my wedding dress. I will feel confident and beautiful. I will look at the past with gratitude and look at the future with enthusiasm.

I have no idea what I will weigh or what size I will wear. I don’t actually care that much. I just look forward to living in a body and mind that are healthy and fit, raising my children to do the same, and working together as a family to serve the church and community as the Lord leads.

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  1. For a first draft... very thoughtful. Can't wait to see the ultimate, ultimate draft!