Sunday, November 28, 2010

A prayer about my writer's block

It has been ages since I have written, or so it seems. For a daily blog I am certainly way behind!

But, here's what's up:

I am not entirely sure. I have opened up a "new post" several times only to draw a blank or write something that upon reading it over, doesn't seem worth posting. I was sharing this with a friend and she suggested I write a prayer about my inability to write.

Here it is:

I try to write but words evade me.
Lost in the tunnel of the day.
I see Your Light, I am not despairing,
I just can't seem to say

That my heart is processing,
 imagining a me I do not yet know.

I feel a bit lost
Wondering what to say
When it comes time to
articulate the day.

I do not cry
or feel in a muddle,
But deep deep down,
I feel a bubble.

Like expectation and labor pains
it seems, rising from the
low places.

Nitty gritty day to day
Food choices and sleep held at bay
I feel like a success and failure
Both leaping with excitement
and sluggish doldrums contrast.

I keep plugging along with
Hope in my heart,
Good sense in my head,
Knowing that right now
I need to go to bed!!!

I love You Lord and I know at least You get a chuckle from my musings as well as feel compassion for my challenges. Thank You for loving me and coating me with grace to keep me warm in this season of exposure. Amen.

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