Monday, November 1, 2010

Traveling Companion

When we did Financial Peace University we learned a lot about ourselves, how we handle our money and what we need to do differently. The second year, our group decided to make folders of all of our pertinent financial information, insurance plans, etc. This was the cover I made for that notebook.

The pictures remind me of why we work so hard to stay on our budget. But the quote that I want to highlight today is the one in the top left.

I have a great traveling companion. The road is a long one for me. Tonight he didn't say anything when I sucked down several pieces of Halloween candy like a starving vacuum cleaner. He quietly provides prayer and support, encouraging me in every way he can without making me feel as flawed as I am.

The even better traveling companion, who is less comfortable to live with, depending on the issue is the Holy Spirit. He comes with me always, sees what no one else sees and brings conviction in perfect timing, along with grace as I grow into the woman I am called to become. He wants more for me than I want for myself. He longs for me to arrive at my destination in this season with my eyes on Jesus walking, skipping and even running in the abundance He has provided for me.

The last weeks have been consistently challenging to my resolve to continue this journey to health and wellness. I continue to work on it, daily.

I know it is a process. I want to enjoy the process. I can't say I am, YET. But I am glad I am in process... I think. :)

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  1. Our choice in traveling companions can make a discernible difference in how we approach our life. You may not enjoy the process... but those who accompany us can help us find contentment in that journey. Looks to me that you are wisely seeking out good companions as you travel this path.