Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well, Here I Am!!

There I am! Highlights and all! It's not the very best picture ever but it works to show you what my final "gift" looks like.

I love it. I REALLY do. I look in the mirror now and I see the brightness of my youth and the little touch of gray at the top of the part on my hair to indicate there might be a bit of wisdom contained in my newly colored hair. I actually like that the gal who does my hair, KJ  Russel (let me know if you want her number), left the gray in. She knows I prefer a more "natural" look after doing my hair for over 6 years. 

This week I started my strength training routine again as well as consistent cardio (run, bike, swim) to keep me in shape for the triathlons I plan to do next year. Yes, I plan on doing more than one! 
My Monday workout was 10 min on the bike, working hard to get a good "warm-up" before my strength training exercises (about 30 min) and then another 15 minutes on the treadmill, working on increasing my speed on my running. I did intervals, fast walking, running my regular speed and then picking up speed for a few minutes. It was a great workout! I told the Lord that if He would help me keep the kids healthy, I would keep up the hard work. 

Also, for my goals for the week, in case you are curious, I will be IN BED by 10pm, drink my water, and continue to eat as "clean" as possible. I thank you for your prayers if you feel led. Blessings!


  1. What a beautiful 3 boy mamma, 1 man wife and lovely, godly woman!
    I praise God for you and your heart after Him. You are a blessing. Your words and thoughts are an encouragement and joy. Thank you.
    I love who you are.

  2. You look awesome! What a great gift from a very thoughtful man. Happy Thanksgiving, Jennifer.

  3. I agree... wonderful look. Good for you getting back into the rough stuff of cardio and strength training this holiday season!

  4. So, with "clean eating" can you eat sugar free products? Keeping up strength training this season?

  5. Gretchen G - I don't include sugar free products in any of my eating. I'd rather eat a little REAL sugar and enjoy the taste etc. then substitute any day!