Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Floundering, Falling, Failing...

Those are my fears concerning this triathlon.

Floundering in the swim.

Actually, a flounder would likely find my comment insulting. I am afraid of choking on water when trying to breathe, swallowing who knows what in the open water, and wearing myself out at the very first part of this big race.

Falling off the bike.

I am TERRIFIED of falling off the bike or getting hit by a car, or messing up someone else's race accidentally. If I knew I could fall off the bike without getting hurt, that wouldn't be so bad. But, I don't. The reason this is my biggest fear is because I see training for this leg of my race presents the most opportunity for injury that could mess up my race day plans.

Failing to meet my goal to complete the race.

I am not worried about the run, because I am likely to be able to run part and walk part without too many issues. But, the fear of something, anything going wrong, so I don't finish the race for any reason, really scares me. I know my husband, family and friends will still be there if it doesn't happen, but almost every major goal I have ever set has had some unfortunate event either within or outside of my control, that has blocked my seeing it to the end sucessfully.

I am not sharing my fears with you just to focus on the negative, but to put them into the open, to receive your prayers should you feel led, and to acknowledge what a significant event this is in my life.

Every time I take these things to the Lord I hear the same response, just one day at a time, dear one. Just one day at a time. I know I have said it before, but let's face it, every day we need to be reminded, one day at a time! :)

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  1. You are looking at it straight on. I admire your efforts. I won't do the running or the swimming. Just not to my liking. I started biking really this year. I am commuting to work. I even pull a pet trailer taking my dog to work.

    As for your fear... sounds like you know yourself. For me... I try to be visible, drive defensively (I use mirrors, and try drive safer routes), and I take the road trying to stay in the car door free zone. Took my first spill on the sidewalk. Yip... gouged my knee but no serious injury. To me the sidewalk holds more dangers as I tried to build my endurance. Wasn't smart on my part.

    I will be curious to see what you do with the biking. Also seems you have a goal even beyond the triathlon, the race is only an external sign that you have reached the fitness level, determination, and discipline to complete such. Sounds to me you a really on your way.

    Keep us posted on the biking.