Thursday, July 1, 2010

God's Provision... even in the "small" stuff...

I need to go to bed as I have been working really hard the last couple of days to get my house decluttered and stuff ready for my yard sale tomorrow morning.

My God provided a dear friend to spend the last 2 days helping me sort and organize my stuff as well as prep for my yard sale. She was so helpful and nice without judgment for my wacky need to keep every card that has ever been given to me or any of my family members  (as an example :).

Also, I continue to trust God will provide for all I need to do this triathlon race. I will be using the funds from what I sell, after I pay the girls watching my boys to keep them from noticing some of the stuff that is departing :), to get what I need.

He promised His provision for all our needs. He has asked me to do this triathlon challenge and I believe every need I have will be provided for.

Another sign of His awesome provision... I thought I lost my purse today. I got all the way to the Kroc Center to my swim class and couldn't find my purse. One of the gals I know from the playcare place was working at the coffee stand and I asked her if my purse was found there. She looked and couldn't find it. I told her that was a bummer since now I didn't have my $5 for my swim class. She said, "I've got $5!" and ran to her purse to get it for me. I wasn't even late to class! I will of course pay her back, but again, God's provision right when I needed it.

Why should we ever doubt that He already knows what we need?

By the way, I did find my purse at home, in a place I never put it... silly me.

That sweet gal will get her $5 back and a thank you card for being so kind!

AND my God will continue to receive my Praise for all the incredible ways He provides for me!

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  1. That's awesome-it's nice to know there are some decent people still out there!