Saturday, July 3, 2010

Personal Victory

So, if you are on Face Book you have seen my status update. I had an amazing moment today.

I have been wondering if I can really do 'this' triathlon. I know I am acting confident most of the time but the doubts really do creep in, often.

I head out to the Kroc Center to do my Saturday run. According to my schedule I am supposed to run for 30 minutes. This is not a straight run, but a 9 minute walk/run warm up and then 3/1 interval training, run for 3 minutes then walk 1 minute and run 3 and so on until I reach 30 minutes, and then I often have to walk longer to get my heart rate down low enough to breathe and walk normally :).

I was a little nervous about the length of time, I have never gone that far before. I did 20 minutes on Wednesday and that was pretty hard.

I get to about 13 minutes - I have only run for 3 minutes of my regular 3/1 interval for this session and I am trying to figure out how I can walk longer between 3 minute runs and trying to rationalize that it won't set me back that far, etc. I heard my God speak to my heart, "you can do it, just keep going, 3 minutes at a time, I will help you." I also heard my "trainer" Tarri who lives in Tennessee by the way, say, "c'mon Jenn, you can do this!!!" in my head. So, I decided to do it and since Tarri has fallen off the treadmill before and lived to tell about it, I was sure I wouldn't actually die trying to run that far.

I decided to look at the 3 minute runs like "10 reps". In my strength training from the past 9 months, I learned that doing 3 sets of 10 reps is really STINKING HARD. And it is supposed to be, that is why it is called "strength" training. Duh. Like my friend Tarri says, "If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it." So, armed with a new perspective on getting the running "sets" done, and keeping in mind the "relax and act like this is natural" mind set from swimming earlier this week, I pressed on and pressed in to my God. Believing He designed me to accomplish the task He set before me.

And I did it. It is amazing to me how everything all goes together. Of course it does, God is an amazing organizer, full of infinite possiblilites at His eternal disposal.

I am thankful for today's victory and look forward to whatever may come tomorrow...

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  1. Continue to go for it girl. I am on the Butterfly Garden Journey with you. Love the fact that you are going for it. Bicycle for me, not the run or swim. Trying to commute to work as much as I can for a more green and healthier lifesyle. Liked the heading "20 lbs less of me."

    Hey, just dropped in...Keep up the good work.