Monday, July 5, 2010

Living! Loving! Dancing!

When was the last time you really LIVED the life you have?
Not complaining, not wishing it were different, not hoping someone would swoop in and save the day?

When was the last time you really LOVED someone? 
I am talking about loving someone you are not in the least bit tempted to be nice to, I am talking about sacrificing something for someone, not because you felt like you had to, but because you wanted to.

When was the last time you DANCED?
Not at a club when everyone else was dancing, but when no one was looking? When you felt really happy and just busted a move, right at that moment no matter who was around. 

I hope you have done all three recently.We all need to take the time to do them. Try it. You may like it. You may want to make a habit of it. 

Let me know how it goes... :)

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