Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Act Natural...

I may have mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating, and I have been contemplating it more today...

So, when I was in the pool struggling to get my rhythm right swimming the strokes and breathing it felt so awkward and I asked the Lord why it looked so natural and normal when other people did it but not me.

Deep in my heart I heard Him say, "Act like it IS natural".

You see, I was trying to hurry. I was uncomfortable with the stroke and the breathing and so I was trying hard to get to the end of the pool. Trying to be in a hurry also increased my heart rate and my need to breathe. So, I am working hard to get to the end of the pool because I was uncomfortable and in my discomfort I was having to work harder to do what was supposed to just "flow". Sure, I need to practice. But that is not the point.

How many times have you tried to hurry through something you didn't feel comfortable with only to have it make everything worse and the experience even harder? I have done that plenty in my life.

Back to God's voice in my heart.

"Act like it IS natural"

What is natural is just relaxing and learning. Once I relaxed, I was able to even out my stroke, my breathing became easier, and my heart rate was not rushed (until I was getting just plain old tired). God designed us to go with Him wherever He asks us to go. Again, in my understanding, it is about obedience.

Obedience may make us uncomfortable at the time, but disobedience, now that really sucks! After a moment, or a year, or however long, the consequences catch up. Then, it is even worse than if you had just obeyed God in the first place. Not that He doesn't redeem all things and use them for our growth and His glory, but let's face it, disobedience doesn't make things easier in the long run.

God bless you as you learn with me how to relax, learn, and obey.

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