Thursday, June 10, 2010

Amazing moments...

Today was filled with amazing moments.

Kindergarten Graduation - My little "promise" from the Lord stood with a bunch of other kindergartners singing sweet songs and receiving their diplomas in their little paper hats. SO sweet. Teary eyes upon occasion for sure.

Graduation Lunch - A sweet girl in my life - graduated from High School today. The boys and I attended a yummy lunch put on by her aunt and her mom. It was so nice to meet her family.

Day three of my Triathlon training - 200 meter swim. After a busy day I deposited my over tired boys into the child care at the Kroc center and climbed into my suit. My pretty curls doused in water, I swam all eight laps differently and realized how much I need a little coaching on cleaning up my strokes.

A restful time in the hot tub after my swim. It was raining. Cold outside but not too cold. I sat in the hot tub with the rain falling on my face and enjoying conversation with teachers about to be released from their day jobs for the summer.

A spontaneous and surprising encounter with women I love. All of us brought our kids to the playground at the Kroc center at the same time. What fun to have 20 minutes to dump as much "catch up" information as possible while kids run around!

A food craving. I have been craving one of my favorite places Qdoba for the last couple of weeks. So tonight, after I got the kids to bed late, my hubby offers to go get take out. Wherever I want. YES! It was yummy.

So, after all that, how can I not be FULL in my spirit? All of those things qualify as amazing moments because that was my perspective on the day. I expected it to be amazing and wow! It was!

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  1. This sounds like a beautiful and satisfying day, Jennifer. Happy summer...