Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tri again...

Yes, this will be a consistent subject.

I am terrified of bike riding on the road. I like (most of the feeling) of riding at the Kroc, stationed nicely in front of a monitor where I am not likely to get bucked off or cut off or ??

One of the biggest fears I will conquer during this training is the fear of crashing on a bike.

Or being crashed.

Since I don't even have a bike yet, this is not an immediate issue but one I am dreading/anticipating. I am also a little unnerved by those driving past me and my giant caboose straddled on a small bike seat. Vanity? Well, what can I say, at the Kroc, most people I have run into (not on the bike :)) seem pretty excited about my process of slimming down and getting fit. Those strangers cruising down the road who could give a rip about my journey toward transformation make me nervous.

Just getting that one off my ample chest... yes, that is another fear, running... will I get hurt? Will someone else? Will I ever be able to jog and not feel like the front portion of my body has it's own cadence...? Yikes!

So for now, I will expose my "fitness in progress" self to those nice folks at the Kroc and shop carefully for a bike and hope there are enough bras in the universe to keep these girls from running on their own!

If any of you reading this are male, I apologize for the visuals. Really, I do!

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