Saturday, June 19, 2010

So many things to share... gotta narrow it down.

I will just share with you today my journal entry from this morning:

I am excited about getting finished with this first six weeks. Today is day 40!
40 days of No sugar, NO flour of any kind, NO chips, crackers, tortillas, etc
YOU are transforming ME! I no longer lean on food as my first option in my need for comfort, deal with stress, or tackle anxiety. You have made Yourself so available to me in so many new ways, just because I am looking for You, not because You are doing anything "new". Thanks Lord!

I am a little nervous about not having strict guidelines like I have been living with, but I KNOW You will speak to me, encouraging me to choose foods that will bless my body and You will continue to show me how to be free and full at the same time.

Please help me continue this path before me - walking, running, skipping, swimming, biking, or whatever other way You give me to joyfully express the freedom that you are teaching me is truly MINE!

I praise You Lord for Your great love for me an all you have provided for me to accomplish this adventure before me.

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