Wednesday, June 9, 2010

God's Provision...

There are a million ways that God provides for us. I have been reflecting on just a FEW of them:

My family. My husband and children are daily reminders of God's love for me and His provision for my heart.I can't even begin to describe what they pour into me - especially Erik every day! The way He has taught me to love my man and my boys hasn't always been easy but worth every minute! My relationship with my parents and sister has been so important to my growth as a person and my ability to press on in challenging situations. They are always faithful to speak the truth in love and encourage me without reservation. Erik's mom, brother and sister have been a blessing in so many ways. I am so thankful for the gifts they are to me.

My friends. I am so amazed at the assortment of different people in my life that I get to call my friends. They are very similar to me, extremely different and everywhere in between. They are older than me by decades or younger than me by that much or more. Each one brings some different blessing into my life. I am grateful to God for bringing each one into my life.

The Body of Christ.
My church. New Life Community Church has been my family for as long as I have lived in Idaho. They welcomed in a couple of kids who hadn't even had their first anniversary almost 18 years ago. Pastor Bruce knew our names the next week and we have been welcomed with open arms ever since. I love how God has used this precious group of believers to grow me into the woman I am today. I spent a very special season at another church who also invested lots of prayer, encouragement and support to me too. What an amazing gift a church (not the building!) can be!

There are countless people I have never met who influence me and my relationship with my God. Mike Mason, Bill Johnson, Corrie Ten Boom, Nicole Johnson, James Dobson, and so many others have invested in me their wisdom and knowledge.

Also, prayer warriors all over the place lift me up in prayer. You see, I believe based on God's Word, that there are people we have never met or heard their names (neither have they heard ours) that pray faithfully for other believers. I know I have prayed for other Christians and even those who don't have a relationship with Jesus yet. But they will. The God who sees the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end is not affected by time or space... so I am looking forward to meeting those I have prayed for and those who have prayed for me when we all get to Heaven!

That is just a brief overview of SOME of the provision God has poured out for me. I would love for you to take some time to ask Him to show you how He has provided for you. Share it with me if you like. We need to focus on how much He has provided when we are working towards trusting Him in the midst of changes He is asking us to make in our lives.

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