Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Camping food and another adventure...

Ok, so camping food with the only starchy carb options being rice cakes or rice definitely leave something to be desired. Again, I am grateful my first 6 weeks of Prism is almost over. I am looking forward to some potatoes, whole grain bread, and even corn tortillas. June 20 is my last day of this first phase. Almost there!

Another adventure...
I did the "Spring Dash" on April 25th. It was a 5 mile run or walk depending on how fast you wanted to go. I did it with tears in my eyes at the beginning - so aware I was paving new territory in my heart for the fitness God is asking me to focus on and then tears at the end - so thankful I was done and I had completed my personal challenge with my personal best time.

So, for the next adventure I will be completing a Sprint Triathlon. It is September 11, 2010 in Lake Stevens Washington.
Today was my first day of training... so far so good!

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