Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another day goes by... not without some excitement

I got another day done of my triathlon training courtesy of my husband tending to the kids so I could escape for a quick swim.

It ended up being a little nuts because I drove a different car so I didn't remember to turn off the headlights. Then I am changing into my swimsuit when I hear over the loudspeaker that I left them on. At which point I decide not to get redressed and go back out to the car to turn them off. As I am going to put my bag and purse in a locker I realize I don't have my key for my padlock. So, again, I decide I am going to swim, fast so my car will start hopefully, and bring my bag poolside so I can at least keep an eye on it...

So, I do my swim, change quickly and get out to the car which does not start. I am sitting in a Ford Bronco surrounded by other huge SUVs and no one else in sight. I said a quick prayer and tried to start it again. It didn't start. I stopped. I said, "Lord, I NEED this car to start. Please help me!"  I tried one last time and it fired up like it was just fine! Thank you Lord!

And I still got home in time to tuck in my sweet boys for bed!! God is so GOOD!

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