Friday, June 11, 2010


I experienced a night last night that was pretty rough...
You would think that after such a lovely day (see previous blog) that I would have tucked in and had a nice happy cozy rest... well, that lasted about 2 hours.

Then Peter woke up. He had a napless and busy day (he did not take advantage of the nap time Mommy provided) and was just too tired to do anything but cry after his first six hours of sleep. I had flash backs of the boys (all three) infancy where I would just get them to bed, use the rest room, and finally relax back into my own bed when they would wake up crying. That happened about nine times last night - or that was when I lost count...

At two they know how to "work" mommy over. So, I am very careful about how much time and attention to give them in the wee hours because they like it and then they want to make a habit of it every night. After about an hour and a half of up and down I was ready to crack! My husband who only vaguely noticed my activity suggested I give him something for his discomfort ( I envisioned a few things) but gave him some ibuprofen (he's cutting molars but I was too sleepy to think of that) and after another cry or two, he finally passed out.

Provided you are still interested to have gotten through my tale of woe, you are wondering what sleep deprivation does to me aren't you?

It makes me want to yell, cry and then EAT! I have found that since I have increased my exercise levels I am more hungry. Not a bad thing - but when you include lack of sleep in that mix, I want to eat junk - not food that will bless and build the body I really believe God wants me to live the rest of my years in. Then you add increased feelings of guilt for yelling at my kids, then eating becomes more appealing... self-destruction is the temptation... so I am writing now instead of eating junk.

We really need to press in to God when this stuff of changing out of old habits into new habits that support and encourage a much healthier happier lifestyle gets HARD. I am saying "we" only because I can't imagine that I am the only one that cracks up when I don't get enough sleep. Or that I am the only one that wants to self destruct when I feel guilty or stressed.

Or am I? Oh no! Maybe I am...?

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