Friday, June 18, 2010

A day in the life...

Today was rich with emotions, not a lot of good ones (this morning) but then, after a bit and some prayer and a great time with a sweet young friend... the day improved. The little fellas in my household did a good job playing with their guest and had a nice afternoon too.

Around dinnertime we had a special meeting with a couple of friends who have been down a hard road. We shared about God's great love and the display of His power in the midst of painful trials. Another special time.

Daddy tucked the fellas into bed while I cooked a light late dinner. More special time with some more neat people.

I actually baked biscuits for strawberry shortcake I couldn't eat and didn't mind that much. It was a good breakthrough I think.

Maybe more brilliance tomorrow but don't count on it :)

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