Monday, October 18, 2010

Here it is... edited

A friend gave me some advice about editing and I have found myself having trouble just typing away my thoughts and not having much concern about the clarity of my content and such.

Recently I read a different friend's writing (not a blogger) and was not impressed by the massive amount of words, unclear references, slightly off-putting style and spelling errors. I realize I sound a bit snooty, but after my editor friend's advice, it made this other person's writing all the more unsettling.

I am far from perfect in my clarity, "preachy-ness", and typos. And I have been suitably reprimanded. My editor friend talked about respecting your readers enough to be very clear and focused in your writing. Like the difference between coming into a messy house or a clean one.

You may not feel badly about the people who live there (maybe you do, I don't usually mind the mess), you just notice the difference. A clean house is refreshing to walk into. Clear spaces to set your eyes on, fresh smells (not sterile, mind you ;), and it is inviting to come in and take a load off. Messy houses (I know, I've lived in one for years - only recently have I started changing my ways) cause you to work a bit harder to focus on its occupants and the words being spoken. There is "rest" in a messy house, but it isn't as easy to really "settle" in. That has been my experience. Especially in my own space.

This is why I haven't blogged much this past week. I have been processing what my writing should really look and sound like. I don't want it to be a cluttered mess of words, hard to understand and difficult to find relevance in.
I want my writing to be crisp and clear, bringing refreshment and joy, like a walk on the beach at sunrise.

I am SO thankful for my friend enlightening me on this important part of writing. I truly respect those of you who take the time to read what I have to say.

Please forgive me for my past "preaching" and I will be working hard to edit and clarify these writings from now on. Blessings!!!

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  1. It is a blessing to have a friend who can discuss with directness coupled with kindness the things that can better help us. Looks to me that you didn't just listen... but put that editing cap on.

    Kudos-- with big delicious virtual cupcake with a sizzling candle on top to you! Virtual with NO CALORIES.... you can have that can't you as you prepare for your next triathlon?