Monday, October 25, 2010

A Weekend to be Thankful For

The fall variety pack of "crud" has come to our house.

I really have nothing to complain about. We have food, laundry supplies, disinfecting supplies, even a couple of candles to enhance our fall "crud" experience. I did the shopping before we became confined. The kids got sick in a variety of ways Friday evening. Should I blame it on the fact I shopped at WalMart for the first time in a month? Probably not. But I should have known something was up when they were all fairly good, only getting into one play fist fight in the aisle that got out of hand. They lost their Hot Wheels toys I was going to get them for great behavior but they retained their video game privileges.

They haven't left the house since we got home from grocery shopping Friday after school. So if I feel a little stir crazy, I am sure they are going nuts.

Erik and I managed to get out of the house Saturday. I had coffee with a friend a 7am. Once I returned home, we had a few hours of focused family time, then my Love took off to the woods with friends and four-wheelers to ride in the rain and mud. Later that evening, precious Nana came over to play with the boys so we could have dinner with a couple from church who have oversight of Missions at our church. We talked about our relationship with Urban Outreach and our recently formed New Life MOPS ministry. It was a great evening full of sharing our hearts about the the Great Commission and brainstorming ministry outreach possibilities. It was a pretty great day for the grown ups. Mostly.

Saturday evening wasn't so fun, my Love had dry heaves like I haven't seen since pregnancy,  my 5 year old's head cold dropped into his chest causing a horrible scary croup cough that took until 2am to get him settled back to bed, an hour later I was awakened by my 2 year old fussing and unsettled with a slight fever. Another hour after that, my oldest son needed a wash cloth to soak his eye open so he could see to go potty. A wild night for sure!

Sunday morning dawned a bit early for all of us. We declared it a jammy day and began our movie, cartoon marathon. I made Pumpkin French Toast (just add 2-3T of pumpkin to regular french toast mixture & oil your pan well) and slacked off on all my usual duties until time came to feed everyone again. We decided to borrow the Star Wars trilogy and show it to the boys since my 6 year old has become obsessed with all things Star Wars. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

But, as you can see by the picture, I did not fully consider how an eye/mind-full of Star Wars would do for my two year old. I would have NEVER let my other two watch the movie at that age, but it totally escaped my protective mommy radar. And I paid for it, not as badly as he did, but I was up in the night several times helping him get past nightmares from visuals he was not prepared to deal with. I felt sad for him. So many things I was so diligent with about his brothers have just slipped through the cracks of my attentiveness. Lord, help me!

After the Star Wars movie, we took a break and carved pumpkins. It was so funny watching each fella be squeamish about sticking their arms into the pumpkin. The older two wanted my help and the youngest, he just went for it! After the boys had enough "pumpkin goo", I finished cleaning them out and got busy carving to order (based on the stencils in the kit I bought).

All that said, today has felt anti-climactic. Sofa surfing, Netflix, breaking up a fight or two, snuggling, tickling, reminding that they need to rest to get better, and trying to excavate the mess that crept in yesterday when I did nothing but cook the required meals. A conversation with the Doc today confirmed tomorrow will look the same as today. Sigh.

How can I complain? I have really healthy kids that come down with an occasional round of "crud" from the places they go. It has been gray and rainy outside so there is no longing to go out to play, our big picture window looks out to our neighbors amazing maple tree that is currently about four different colors, and concentrated snuggle time with any one of my fellas, day or night, is priceless time.

Thank You Lord, for a chance to put the brakes on in life to rest together, play together and enjoy being a family.

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  1. God's blessings in the midst of the "crud" are for sure to be thankful for. God bless you each with continued healing and many more rest-play-together-family days...not because of the "crud", however.
    Loving you each,