Monday, October 11, 2010

A Sacrifice of Praise

Something neat happened last night.

I was worshiping at one of my favorite locations, listening to the deep rich tones of a beloved friend belt out from her core her love for God and the songs that she felt led to sing, only a few chairs along the edge of the wall, an open expanse of floor, it beckoned me to come, open up, release all to my King, and move however I felt led.

I released my feet from their shoes, looking forward to what was to come.

As I began to dance with the beat of the drum, bouncing, swaying, lifting my hands, I felt the sweetness of His presence, heard the cry of His heart for me, "Rejoice, my Beloved, Rejoice!" "Enjoy this open plain that I have drawn you into, feel the freedom in your step, in your heart, in your mind. I have released so many bonds you have held and have held you. Celebrate my Beloved! Celebrate!"

I smiled, I laughed, I cracked up at my rhythmically challenged motions. Then I saw them. Angels. Lots of them. Dancing with strength, clear forceful motions as if sweeping freedom about the room or trying to spread a fragrance in the entire space. I saw them weave and move between each worshiper. I did not see faces, only silhouettes and impressions of their radiant "bodies". I moved with them, watching their motions and moving with them. It became effortless.

And then,
I started getting tired.

I wanted to stop and just soak, resting in His presence instead of moving in it. The words that came crisp and clear into my heart, "You are built for endurance. I created you for it. Endure my love, offer your weariness and desire to stop, to Me as a sacrifice and keep dancing. You did your triathlon for my glory, two hours and twenty-two minutes, you can do this. You move for My glory, pour it out for me Beloved, we both know you have it in you." I sensed His tender smile and I kept dancing, and started chuckling again because my challenged rhythm was even worse in my weariness. But I danced, and danced, and danced, and just like in my training, I found more of me than I thought I had and I danced some more. It was wonderful!

Again I found myself in awe of how refreshed I could feel at the same time being so physically exhausted. Obedience to God is like that, not all the time, but it definitely seems to work out that way a lot lately.

I drove away, grinning. Refreshed, celebrating, and happily looking forward to coming home to my Love awaiting my return.

We had a wonderful evening together. So thankful, yet again!

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  1. Thank you for sharing such an intimate time with the Lord. What a blessing to be loved by Him so much that He delights in our unprofessional, imperfect offerings. That's a loving Daddy for you. I was blessed reading about your experience. Thank you, again.