Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2

So, I survived today without yelling at my kids! Whooo hoooo! This detoxifying thing is making me pretty crabby, but I ate enough protein, veggies, and good healthy carbs (funny the computer doesn't like that abbreviation - it recommends CRABS instead - go figure!) today to keep me fairly balanced emotionally. Of course I didn't put put them to bed tonight which made things a little easier... but it was a pretty good day. Whew!

There were a few bumps but I managed to get on top of them before I did anything silly. I did look longingly at a beautifully made coffee cake ring at Bible Study this morning as I grabbed a couple of slices of cheese. I did wait too long before eating a meal and so did not measure faithfully what I was supposed to. But, for my second day of overhauling my major life challenge of valuing my body enough to put only healthy stuff into it (with reasonable amounts), it wasn't too bad.

How do I feel now? Like I could eat an ox. Or a huge plate of nachos... or... so, that is why I am going to go to bed. No good can come of my continuing my late night feasting habit. My headache will get better with some sleep and breakfast in the morning. I am praying my "detox symptoms" will be over fast. It really sucks to be reminded of how much junk I need to purge out of my body before it will fully function the way God made it to!

I went to my first Prism meeting tonight. It was good to see the faces of the women I will be traveling this journey with. Allan, our fearless leader, his beautiful wife Dene' and their two darling little girls are real treasures. I am so thankful for their willingness to invite us into their home to support us through this transformation process. Some of the women in the group I know, some I don't so it will be fun to enjoy what God has for all of us to learn from each other as we embrace the health God ordained for us from the beginning.

If any of this makes sense it is a blessing from the Lord because I am so hungry the typos and the sentence structure is becoming challenging! May God bless you with Peace as you allow Him to activate the strength He has placed in you to conquer whatever your challenge may be.

Talk with you tomorrow! ;)

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