Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 4 - WOW

I feel like I spent today suspended by bungee cords pulled from one side of my emotions to the other and bouncing back and forth. I had a wonderful chat with my friend at the park and she listened for an hour while I talked and cried.

Then I jumped back to "mommy-land" and made lunches, met my John off the bus and planned the rest of the day.

Then I bounced to the Kroc for my weekly "Writer's Table" meeting and cried some more while these amazing women I meet with spoke life and encouraged me without uttering a single trite statement about "this too shall pass" or "you'll be glad you did this", one of them even brought a big stack of Kleenex just in case I might need it.

Then back to "mommy-land" to pick up the boys and get home, rest time for them, housework for me, then the awareness strikes that I have one diaper left for Peter So we make a "quick" trip to the store. The boys and I had a lovely dinner outside on the back deck and a wonderful time at bedtime. I even cried at the sweet chapter book story I am reading to them.

I have shed lots of tears today. Released a lot of shame and guilt. Attended to those little people in my care and even secured house cleaning assistance for the neighbors across the street.

God's Grace. That is it. That is how I did it. He arranged and ordained each moment. I finish the day in awe of who He is yet again. At peace. Thankful. Wow!

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