Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sink full of dishes...

I am getting really tired of all the cooking I have to do on this new healthy eating plan.

I am becoming a better cook. Not only am I cooking better healthier food, but my family is eating most of it! This is a wonderful thing except I always have a sink full of dishes. I feel like I am spending so many hours in the kitchen. I keep trying to have a better attitude about them but really, they just annoy me.

So, to shine the pot on this one...
I am going to be thankful I have dishes to do. Money to buy good food to cook for my family. And a family I adore filling up my home, my kitchen dirtying my dishes! Praise the Lord!


  1. I think of it as a few minutes of quiet before i head off to finish my evening with those I love. and also as a mini workout for my arms.

  2. That's where the freezer comes in handy. If you can pre-cook and then freeze different parts of your meal, you will spend less time in the daily cooking. It takes a little pre-planning and an afternoon every few months. Depending on what you're eating you can freeze different things, but here are some things I like to cook and then freeze every once in a while: seasoned meat/ground turkey (seasoned for tacos, spaghetti, etc.) or just browned meat for things like sloppy jo's. Chicken breast cut and cooked in strips...great for salads, fajitas, chicken tacos, etc.

    If you take a good look at the things you're cooking these days, you'll probably be able to pick out a few things you can do in advamce. Then, it cuts out A LOT of time and dirty dishes in your daily meal preps. I've learned that it doesn't reduce the flavor and you're still home cooking your meals!

  3. Jody - what a great way to look at it! and
    Thanks so much Ang!!

    I LOVE cooking ahead. I have been doing it for years -- except here's the problem -- My kids are eating more!! :) SO what used to be cooking ahead is now a meal and some leftovers! My nephew also lives with us and he is eating more too! I can't seem to keep ahead of it... it is crazy! I cook up 4lbs of chicken breasts and they are gone in 2days! Yikes!
    I am going to have to revamp my meal planning to accommodate 3 hungry little guys, a 19 year old and Erik and me!

  4. Well...that's an understandable issue. You do go through a lot of food! Good luck with the dishes!!