Friday, May 14, 2010

Temptation still lurks...

Today was my first day to really be tempted by yummy stuff since I started my healthy eating habits. I had MOPS today. Mothers of Preschoolers are awesome about making yummy food. Thankfully I have a friend who is eating healthy with me so she and I cooked something within our dietary guidelines. It was good. I did look longingly at the donuts and some jello salad thing that looked amazing. BUT - I walked past it. I decided when I looked at one of my favorite foods (now of my past) and KNEW it wasn't going to do me any favors - ever. I could just say NO.

I am so thankful for the people I have in my life that encourage me. Today I needed to be encouraged to not take offense when an unfortunate mistake hurt my feelings. I needed to be reminded that it was not intentional - even though I knew it wasn't. I needed to hear that I am loved an appreciated.

I made it through 3 hard workouts and discovered all my efforts are really worth it. I don't know what weight I have lost but I found out how many calories I am burning doing it! 400 calories! 45 minutes of sweating my guts out and working every muscle in my body is worth it!!

For as much as I hate adjusting my eating habits and measuring just about every amount of food that goes in my mouth - I love the exercising! For the first time in my life I can feel LOVE for exercise! I am hoping the attitude towards the food adjustments will improve over time. I think it is more socially acceptable in some circles to work out. But to cut out "standard" foods like bread, white flour, refined sugars, only the people who know and support me think it is a good thing. Most people think I am nuts. Maybe I am reading too much into it???

I feel a little scattered tonight. I am hoping the boys will sleep past 6am and I can get to bed before 11:30pm! Its been that way all week.

I hope this makes sense. I am too tired to even read over it again...

Talk with you tomorrow. Maybe something brilliant will pop out! :)

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  1. You are sincerely an inspiration in my life.. One of these beautiful days we are going to sit down and you are going to explain these new guidelines of life and losing weight to me and exercise :) I love you! Thank you for inspiring me :)