Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I sit here trying to get today's blog posted before anything else comes in and alters my plans for the day, I am considering what God's plan is for me today.

So far - My plan was to get up early and get my morning devotions and this done before the kids got up.
God's Plan - to spend some time with my arms around my man praying over him and his day
My plan - to get in the shower and get my breakfast before my boys woke up.
God's Plan - Shower, eat quick, post this and hurry to make breakfast for my guys (now watching cartoons) because they are like hungry little wolves in the morning and if I don't feed them they will start eating each other - figuratively speaking of course.

So, as I whip up whole wheat blueberry pancakes for my little guys I am going to pray about what EXACTLY God wants for me to do today, knowing I need to listen for that "still, small voice in my spirit" leading and guiding all of my TIME today...

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