Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, I blew it!

Bummer! 365 blogs will have to be written but I went to bed last night - exhausted with a nagging feeling I was forgetting something... THIS! Oops!

A note in Rachel Cosgrove's book the Female Body Breakthrough she quotes or wrote herself... pressed for time or I'd look it up ... she talks about how when we eat something we know is off our healthy eating plan we often just blow off the whole day and then maybe the next day or the whole week and oh well, I'll start again next Monday.

What she says that is like the mindset of if you are driving your car on your way somewhere and you get a flat tire, instead of fixing it and getting back on the road, you let the air out of all the other tires too and sit there until someone comes to rescue you.

This word picture changed my whole thinking about eating and now about missing a day of blogging. I will blog twice today. No big deal. Back on track for my 365 blogs and 1 year of entries about becoming a fit and healthy me!!

 Here is her website. I have thoroughly loved her book and use it for my workouts 3 days a week.

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