Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After 10 months of consistent exercise I have lost a whopping 24 pounds.

My friend/coach thinks I need to see an endocrinologist. She is concerned that my body isn't releasing my fat/weight. I  have done natural cleanses and stuff like that but it's not the same. I really am starting to wonder what chemically is going on in my body.

So, I am going to look into it.

My family doc said he thinks my body is just used to storing fat since I have been in "baby mode" for so long. He is likely right, but I really think that after all these months of hard high intensity exercise I should have lost more than I have. I have built muscle yes, but really, I haven't even lost that many inches.

I ask for your prayers. I am not sure how much to pursue this before my race or just wait until after. I welcome any input you might have. Thanks so much!


  1. Concentrate on your race, and worry about it when you're done. That's my humble opinion anyway. :) You are so ready for your race, and it's getting so close...just keep focusing on that. (Maybe get the appointments scheduled now, though. Sometimes it can take a VERY long time to get into specialists.) Good luck with making a decision.

  2. Hey Jen -
    First and foremost - 24 pounds!!! Great job!
    Secondly, are you lifting weights at all along with your cardio? In my past, when I have just done cardio I plateau quickly - but if I add weights, I lose inches more quickly.
    Thirdly, I had (have?) PCOS which is some sort of endocrine problem, and part of those symptoms is the inability (well, really really stubborn fat) to lose weight. If you think you may have something like that - I highly encourage you to seek out a endocrinologist.
    I love you and am so proud of you friend!