Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Much Needed Rest

Tonight was a sweet reprieve. I have had a pretty bumpy week with my fellas, grieving with a friend,  and I have worked hard on keeping my focus on my guys, my hubby, my friend, my housework, my training, etc.

Tonight we were invited to join some friends and head out on the lake for a few hours. We floated, had snacks and drinks and visited. We watched the sunset, talked about things that are important and things that aren't. We laughed about dumb stuff and talked passionately about things that are important.

I am not sure which part was more restful.

Floating. We turned off the motor in the middle of the lake and just floated. No specific destination, just floating.

Visiting. Talking. Laughing. Assortment of subjects varying in relevance and significance.

Food and drink. Good stuff. Healthy stuff. Yummy stuff.

Or maybe it was the combination.

I told a close friend this morning that I felt like I hadn't really RESTED in ages. I have had windows of rest and opportunities to relax but I couldn't remember the last time I really RESTED.

I know she prayed for me. I know God provided for me. REST. I am so thankful.
Going to bed now... now that I have experienced it again... want to get some more rest!! :)

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  1. Jennifer, this is such a great thing to read :) and you are welcome, so glad we were able to be a part of your day, and help you get some much needed couple time! loved having you both out we will do it again soon :)