Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weary Wonderings...

I find myself so tired these days. I am still doing my workouts, my dishes, my laundry, taking care of my kids, my home, etc. But I just feel tired. I was supposed to bike 20 miles today, though I stopped at 15. I didn't want to push farther than that because I was so tired I didn't want to get hurt.

Tomorrow morning at 7:15am I will be at my doctor's office to have a check up. There will be blood work run to check my thyroid and such. Did I mention I will have my three sons with me? That should be fun.

I can only wonder what might be going on in my body. I have never pushed it this far for this long. I have certainly never attempted this kind of athletic event with the kind of weight I have right now.

So, wearily I wonder... what is up?? Is there anything else going on or is it just my life, busy amazing boys, hard physical exercise and the regular duties of Mommyhood? I have no idea.

I will post tomorrow about what Doc had to say. I am curious.

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