Friday, August 20, 2010


I am cracking myself up in delerious exhaustion. The next 5 blogs will also be titled the names of the seven dwarfs... not really, well, maybe... will have to wait and see won't ya?! :)

I have slept one solid night in at least the last 2 weeks. Here I am up at midnight knowing my guys will be awake at 6am as usual or earlier because we leave to go camping tomorrow.

I shall keep this brief...
REST. It is so elusive in this season of life. Kids awake at night, blogs to write, laundry to do, there are millions of reasons why a hard working stay at home mom could be up at midnight. And honestly, over the span of raising our kids, there will be at least a million.


What am I doing with it? Am I resentful of my fellas getting up in the night for some reason or the other? Sometimes. Though I often make an effort to remember how precious time is with them right now, midnight snuggles don't grow on trees when they are 12!!  When I have to sing the same song a bunch of times, or read the same story, or get out the crayons or worse, markers for them to color one more picture for 30 seconds and then move on to something else, do I appreciate the opportunity to have children that can color? or that can sing with me? or want to learn to read, or even see the book?

We take our rest for granted people. There are parents out there who don't snuggle up to their pillows at night. They watchfully observe their child, looking out for whatever may happen with g-tubes, chest tubes, breathing treatments, and other assorted ailments.

Those of us who have been given super healthy kids need to be grateful. We need to be rejoicing that our kids can get out of bed when they need us, or can holler our name until we come. We need to be sleepy every once in a while to remember there are other people out there who are sleepy too, and they don't have a choice to cozy up to a loved one or even a soft pillow.

So, the next time you think you need some rest, check in with the Lord. Ask Him if there is someone else who needs your time or energy, if He wants you to be His hands or feet in any given situation. Because my friend, just because you are sleepy or tired from the challenges of your life, your God still wants you to hear His voice and respond. He knows you are tired. He knows why you are tired. Let Him give you the rest you REALLY need, not just what you think you need.

Before you lay down, say a prayer for those who have to be up tonight. They need it.

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