Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh out... ;)

I wish I had something brilliant to write today. But, I don't. It was a good day. I stayed within my calories, swam well in my class, brought two friends meals for their family, played with my boys and attended a going away party for a friend's daughter who also happens to have been a great babysitter for our boys.

I am ready for bed. My Love is already snoozing on the couch waiting for me to finish my writing. We seldom go to bed alone. One of us just dozes waiting for the other to be ready to go to bed. I am thankful for that.

So, this is the blog for today. Tomorrow will be busy too. Beach with friends, BRICK (bike and swim workout), watch my 3 plus a friends 3 plus another friend's 2 for a bit tomorrow afternoon so one can give the other a pedicure. Awesome! Then I come home, make dinner and make a bouquet for a friend's daughter's wedding...

Busy days that are full of LIFE and BLESSING for myself, my kids and other friends/families that we love are wonderful!
Going to bed. Must rest up for tomorrow's fun!!

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