Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dopey - Another Dwarf...

I am not graceful when it comes to the mount/dismount event on my bike. I am not even graceful when it comes to getting into my toeclips which I guess could be included in the "mount" portion of my "dopiness".

Today I rode a long way on my bike. Somewhere between 15-20 miles. About 3 miles in I had to stop for an intersection. I braked and tried to approach slowly, quickly sliding my right foot out of the toeclip to land on my feet. Not a bad plan, but unfortunately I did not move out of the way in time before the nicely cleated pedal smacked into my leg leaving 7 slash marks up my leg of varying depth.


Well, I guess my worst fears have been realized now. I have been injured while riding my bike. No more worries now right? Sure. I "enjoyed" the salt of sweat dripping into it. The gunky scabs that were forming while I rode. The tightness in the skin...

Ahhh the blessings of being alive...

I say all this to share with you that I really dig having an owie. Nuts huh? It just makes me feel like I am really doing something that is a challenge for me.

DOPEY is how I look. But IN PROCESS is how I feel. Scabs and all!

I don't know what is next, I am not sure it matters... I LOVE IT!

NUTS is what my head even thinks of this --

but my heart... IT IS HAPPY!!

It brings tears to my eyes often to think about how far I've come and what is yet to be...

So, I can live with looking DOPEY. If it gets me to where I am going eventually...

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  1. I'm so proud of you. You've made your choice. You've stuck with it. You are creating a healthier you (and me, through your encouraging example). Thank you for loving yourself and those who love you enough to make such a hard choice...your mom says, "No more blood!"