Sunday, August 15, 2010

Personal Priorities

Getting personal priorities straight is challenging in every season of life I think.

I decided as a part of this blog to list what mine are. It is a key part of my pursuing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

1) My personal relationship with God - I will pursue and deepen my relationship with Him - including Bible Study, accountability relationships, and regular attendance at our church
2) My relationship with my husband - I will consistently focus on the needs of our marriage including planning regular date nights and focusing on his needs
3) My relationships with my children - having quality focused interaction including; teaching, playing with, and training them including holding them accountable for their choices
4) My personal wellness and care - choosing healthy eating, physical activity, and writing
5) My ministry position - as MOPS Coordinator I will lean on God for clear leadership decision making, encourage the leaders on my team and consistently pray for them and the moms that are a part of our group

That is basically it. I am sure I could expand further, but for now, you get the idea! :)

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